We thought we'd share some of the positive feedback we've had from people we've worked with...

What They Said

"ANV is a wonderful organisation, promoting powerful and important messages for us all."

Lord Laming

"...Thank you for the report its fantastic, its a real reflection of us and captures exactly where we're at. The young people's highlights are really moving and it's been a positive experience for all involved. I am going to read it all again tonight to really take it in and already started work on your recommendations..."

Sarah Tomlinson, Wakefield Council

"...Please pass on how impressed I was (and everyone else I spoke to was also impressed) with how the young people delivered the session and the messages they put across were thought provoking and very helpful to think about how to be a good social worker – they were brilliant..."

Danielle Howlett, Kirklees Council

"...I particularly liked the fact that it was an informal presentation as it made what they said seem even more personal and emotive, as it was coming from the heart. I really appreciate them sharing their views and feelings with us. It has certainly given me much to think about and I hope that i can do them justice by being the best Social Worker I can possibly be..."

Nicola Schofield, University of Salford

"...just to say that I was impressed with your presentation in London last week re emotional stability of care leavers..."

Steve McVay, Jersey Children’s Services

"...Thank you very much for facilitating yesterday's session and thank you to Rob, Siobhan and Gemma for sharing their experience and knowledge. The students were really enthused by the session..."

Carol Haines, University of Salford

"...Also just to let you know the media training was really good..."

Dan Cherrie, WM RDC

"...It was a pleasure to get their perspective on living in care..."

Wakefield Councilon LILAC assessment

"So, a day's training it was, which hopefully helped prepare them for any opportunities that may come their way. They seemed to find it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience (according to the evaluation forms) and hopefully left the building a bit more savvy than they entered it, but without having their natural youthful enthusiasm and exuberance crushed."

from CYP Now article

"...Thanks again for the sessions that LILAC did with the students here. I was really impressed with people's presentation skills and the valuable points that the workshop made. I've also had several students comment about how good it was..."

Dharman Jeyasingham, University of Salford

"...Hereon, I will promote ANV wherever possible and encourage those I meet as a student and future professional to reassess their view of looked after children. I have saved your site as 'favourite' so I may share it with friends on Facebook..."

Claire Barton, Social Work Student

"You know how strongly I endorse the work of A National Voice, and share its aims to get a better deal for young people entering, staying in and leaving care. I’m also an admirer of the way you have led and developed the organisation so that it is taken seriously by ministers and in national debates, and at the same time retains its credibility with young people. I think you do an amazing job!"

Don Brand, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

"...Your work has highlighted the fact that the separate elements of care for looked after children interact with each other, and that progress in one area of children and young people’s lives will be linked with progress in others. The work of the theme also emphasised that listening to young people, and implementing what they say, is key to producing significant improvements in provision..."

Christine Davies, C4EO

"...I am writing as the Director of C4EO to thank you all for the time, energy, commitment and expertise you have brought to it. This particularly includes your contribution to the reviews, events and product development within the theme, all of which will help to improve outcomes for this vulnerable group of children..."

Christine Davies, C4EO

"I am writing to express my thanks to you for taking the time to contribute your views and evidence to the Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances...Stakeholder contributions have played a crucial role in helping us to deliver our final recommendations..."

Frank Field MP

"A National Voice I feel is a great resource and very helpful...the certificates i have gained from ANV just might well be the icing on the cake to get me into Uni next year and i cant thank him and ANV in general enough..."

Scott King, Young Lives Foundation/LILAC Assessor

"l'd personally just like to say thank-you for all your help during my research for the Neil Morrissey documentary over these past few months...the information you provided really helped with our background and set up of the programmes..."

Leila Finikarides, BBC

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