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Care Less Lives

A book by Mike Stein about the rights movement of young people in care has been published.

The book, published by Catch22, relates how, from 1973 young people came together to talk about their care, support each other and campaign to improve their lives in care. From the small beginnings of the Leeds Ad-lib group, the story tells how the word was spread by Who Cares?, the National Association of Young People in Care, Black and In Care, and currently by the campaigns of A National Voice.

The story describes how young people during these years experienced their care, including their feelings of stigma and control, as well as, for some young people, abuse at the hands of those who were meant to care for them. But it is also a story of altruism and collective resilience, of how young people came together to improve the lives of other young people, to make their lives, less care less.

‘This book will give those who take part in our campaigns today the inspiration to believe they too can ensure young people’s rights are respected.’ - Maxine Wrigley MBE, Chief Executive, A National Voice

‘This book will appeal to anybody interested in how our society does or does not care for its young people’ - David Conn, The Guardian

‘It is a story which has not been told before. It is readable and informative - written in an accessible style whilst being rich in detail’ - Professor Nick Frost


by ANV


You can visit the Catch22 website to find out more and purchase a copy of the book

Website: Catch22

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