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The Big (Royal Wedding) Day

The Big (Royal Wedding) Day

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wonderful wedding day. We asked some of our young people what they thought about it all and here's what they had to say:

“I’m really happy for Catherine and William. They look really in love. When they have children I think they’ll be very good parents and it’s nice to know that they want the same for other children who aren’t so lucky” - 16yrs, Bradford

“To be a chosen charity for the RWCGF is amazing. I am honoured that the Royal couple chose ANV as children in Care really do need more recognition and understanding” - 22yrs, Manchester

“It was great to watch the royal wedding on Friday and to feel that in a small way we were part of it. Not many people think about what it’s like to be in Care but everybody was watching Kate and Prince William that day and we know that they care” - 18yrs Leicester

“Kate is so pretty and William looks like a really good dad. If they were my mum and dad I know that they would look after me and be kind” - 10yrs, Leicester

“I wish I could have been a bridesmaid at the Royal wedding. I loved the dresses and the horses. When I get married I want lots of children who I will look after and take on lots of holidays” - 10yrs, Blackburn


by ANV


If you would like to donate to the Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund you can still do so until the end of May. You can find out how by visiting the website.

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